Walled Lake Lodge

A peaceful rental property on a private lake in the woods of Northern Michigan.

The Great Outdoors

You've arrived. Now what? Besides taking time to breath, relax, sleep in, and enjoy the peaceful view, you'll find there's a lot to keep you busy
at Walled Lake Lodge.

Space to Play

Joining us for the summer? Hang out on the dock soaking in the sun with a good book (and a cocktail?) or casting a line to see what fish might be biting. Be sure to look up every once in a while from that book, you might catch a glimpse of our fine feathered friends, we've got eagles and loons as neighbors. Take a dip in the refreshing water and swim out to the raft. You can take a leisurely ride around the edge of the 40 acre lake in one of our canoes or row boat.

Spend the evenings around a bonfire roasting marshmallows, sharing stories and enjoying each others' company. Or sit around the table on our screened-in porch playing cards, board games or just chatting the evening away.

Fawn on Walled Lake Property.jpg

Need to get your feet moving? There are over 6 miles of two-track roads on the private property of Walled Lake Lodge. Take a nice peaceful walk, you might even come across white-tailed deer feeding in the nearby fields or perhaps even an elk or two! If you're up during the winter, strap on some cross-country skis or snowshoes and get moving. Or bring your snowmobiles and explore the property.

One of the best things about Walled Lake and it's wooded location is the wildlife you often come across:

Eagle at WLL.JPG
  • Large Mammals: elk, white-tailed deer, black bear (very rare)
  • Mid-size Mammals: coyote, bobcat, raccoon, fox, otter, beaver, muskrat
  • Small Mammals: squirrel, chipmunk, field mouse, mole
  • Fowl: bald eagle, loon, mallard, merganser, heron, hawk, owl, crow, blue jay, chickadee, oriole, hummingbird, etc.  


Beyond the Gate

Want to explore beyond our private property? You're in luck, our lodge falls right at the edge of Northern Lower Michigan's Pigeon River Country State Forest. The second you set foot outside the gate, you're on state park land with over 95,000 acres of trails and rivers to explore (and fish). Take a hike, a bike, or a camera and spend a day in the great outdoors.

For more information on The Pigeon River Country State Forest, visit their website or stop by their headquarters during your stay.

Besides exploring the surrounding state park, there's a lot to do just a short ride away:

However you choose to spend time at Walled Lake, we know you'll enjoy it.


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